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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Last first day of school

Well we have crossed many boundaries to achieve this moment! We are on the last first day of school! Yes, he will go to college but I wont be there to take pictures :) P.S. His goal is to increase his arm strength this year, you can ask him how!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Siesta Key Pictures

We went to Siesta tonite to take pictures of the kids! Baby was happier with his hat on :) The pictures turned out cute! They were good sports standing in all of the different positions Mom thought would be cute :) One day they will appreciate it :)

Absolutely adorable!

This is nothing!

Nor is this!

Dad made her hold the phone... look at his expression, priceless, hahahaha

Not so priceless but definetly expected... not a normal pictire in this family!

Look where his hand is!!!! He wasn't even holding me up!

I am gonna sock u 1!!!
I am scared, let me lean into it!

My teeth are drying out

Friday, August 9, 2013

Dad made me do it!

Ok, so all of the pictures of the bikes that have preceeded this post were because of this one picture taken of me with my Father when I was little. I figured if my Daddy thought it was ok, well then maybe it really was. Of course this made the boys very happy that I had come to accept of the idea of riding, again. Never mind I rode like a crazy child on a moped in the Valley when I was young. Yes, off road was acceptable even on a moped :)

Ride with Adrian and Michelle

Our weekend began with Adrian coming down to hang out with us :) He went to harley and rented a bike. We then rode to Lakeland where we met Michelle who then rode to Ybor with Omaw and all of us. That was a fun day! Sunday Adrian, Michael 2, 3 and I rode to Arcadia where we ate at our favorite mexican restaurant El Pirata. The next weekend Michelle rode with us to Casey Key, Ona, Winter Haven, Tampa, Ybor and back home, yes, in the rain! Long ride, fun but my butt was in pain on the child's seat! Yes, Michelle you still owe me because you got the soft cushey seat that I will NEVER complain about again! :)