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Friday, July 29, 2011

More pics of Bandit

If we are sitting on the couch eating this is his favorite pose to beg for crumbs. Of course this is another place he loves to be kissing Daddy

Hi Mom see I am even smiling for the camera

Mom please I just woke up do u have to take a pic?

This was Bandit last night playing possum. He puts his head on the end of the bed as if to say "Can I join you?"

This of course is Michael letting Bandit on the bed. Look at his head laying on the pillow :)

Here is the kitchen pose while Mommy is cooking.... Any crumbs or leftovers for me?

Ahhhh yes scratch right there

Ohhhhh now scratch right there, I have trained you sooooo well Michael, you are a good scratcher!

No Mommy no pics now!

Ok maybe just one.

Really do you have to get the ones when I just wake up?

Fine, here is my best side enjoy the picture America!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Love these pics of Bandit!

Bandit likes going outside and hanging out while on his leash connected to the oak tree with 20' of slack to explore for any avaliable lizards that may be lurking around! He loves the low window in the Living room just resting his head on the window sill looking at the squirels outside that Mommy won't let him out to get.
Look Mom there are alot of them out there, I promise I won't step on your pretty plants, please, please just give me 20 seconds :)