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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Michael's Basketball Playoff Game(s)

Michael always has the tip off for his team, wonder why?

Daddy liked the practice picture of the ball going in the hoop!

The second tip off of the day, they were in the playoffs!

Meemee came to watch! III is not standing up straight just to make her look taller.

This is one of our SCFD Battalion Chief's children. She absolutely loves to aggravate Michael and it is very evident from the following pictures! I give her hints of the ticklish and painful spots :)

Daytona Trip - For the parents

I have a day off for Veterans Day in November, my child does not. I decided ahead of time that Daddy and I could spend some time together. Thanks to; our neighbor, Ken, for taking the child to school for two days and Mom for picking him up, oh yes and another neighbor, Laura, for taking him to life group on Sunday night, we were able to get away for two days! Our first stop was at the TA for fuel and Popeye's! By the way Michael had no idea where we were going.

Not quite sure where this guy got his driver's license!

Next stop was at Universal!!!! Got to love the Hulk ride!

I managed to throw him him of while we were in Orlando until we were on I-4 and the Tomtom said how far we were until our destinaltion. He was surprised to see the Daytona Speedway across from our hotel. This is the restaurant we ate in the first night, they had great gumbo and somewhat good crawfish.

I made Daddy get out of the bed to go see the sunrise on the East coast.

Not sure what I said to get this smile, but it worked.

Then I rewarded him with Krispy Kreme donuts for breakfast.

As we were walking in the door one of the guys in the back tipped the chocolate and it fell all over him and the floor.

The first night I let Michael choose where he wanted to go on Monday, place A or B. Not sure which one was which but he chose Kennedy Space Center!

We hung out with the astronauts!

We saw the Space Shuttle on the pad four days before it took off!

Then went to eat lunch in Cocoa Beach at the beach.

Lunch was very good and the view was beautiful.

The next day we got up after the sun came up went to Ybor bought crab cakes, spanish bean soup and cubans for dinner!

We had a great time, thanks to all involved for keeping things going while we were gone.