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Friday, June 15, 2012

Daddy's Birthday!!

Dad I will help you unwrap
your presents?!?

Healthy carrot and pineapple
with reduced fat frosting!
Really my eyes are closed
promise I am not peeking!


This is what we call
"only child" cake!
Hmmm what could this be?
The tent that goes over the grill?

Yes, I guessed right!

So proud of my new
6 burner gril!
Hmmm now I have to read
the directions!!!!

The cute couple!

hmmmmm what does this do?
Look at the pretty Sesame Street

They look way too devious!
Wonder what they are going to do?

Yep  you guessed it!
They flipped her over!

She is a good sport!
She got back in :)
B4 dinner all of the boys were napping
while Chan and I cooked