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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Please rememebr to pray for Pops!

Please pray with our family for my father-in-law. He will be undergoing a heart catherization today.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Daddy's bruises

Today's picture is of the bruising that is starting to surface.
This is the picture we took before Michael went to the doctor on Monday to have the stitches taken out. He had a "numbing" line inserted into his brachial plexus to help aleviate the pain after surgery.

Michael's three teeth lost within fifteen minutes

I told Michael please take care of those while I am in the shower. Not sure what it is but the noise of a tooth squeeking makes me nauseated. When I got out he had two presents! Not sure if you can see but the next teeth were already pushing out from the sides of his gums! Poor baby. Ok, I can not believe this but while I was typing this he pulled another one! We told him to stop so he could still chew, yuk!

Here he is with the two holes in his head!

Proof of the teeth!

Now, this is going too far! You do have to chew!!
Proof of the THREE!!!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Michael at Siesta Beach

We decided to go to the beach, Siesta, for a picnic. We ran out of time and barely made it in time for the sunset.
Cute pose!
The thinker!
The wiggler in the sand!
The gigantic footprints!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

St Augustine trip to Lighhouse and Fountain of Youth

Here is a new slideshow from us while we were in St. Augustine. The first picture is of the RV in Faver-Dykes campground. Then we travel to the lighthouse where you can see the watch keeper's house followed by the 158' lighthouse. Next is the view up the staircase to the top. Michael's picture truly surprised me. I was coming around one side of the top when he met me in the middle also holding on. He said there were too many people up there and he did not feel comfortable. Never mind the fact that I had already cleaned the other half from 3 foot up to the five foot level where I had rubbed my arm against the side. The watchkeeper called me a "wall hugger". Of course the next picture is of me in the stairase while we were waiting on people to climb up and down the staircase. I do not like heights and we were only half way up the lighthouse when my husband took this picture, only to wait until he stopped laughing so he could hold the camera still :) Another view of the lighthouse from the GROUND!! We then went to the old town house where we played checkers. This is a picture of a tractor my father had minus the belly mower. Michael lassoed the cow head and made it. The boys primed the pump and pumped water out the old fashioned way. Michael said this was fun, tilling the ground. I explained to him it was "fun" because the ground was soft and not hard packed. This was my trip to the Fountain of Youth, while the boys went to Ripleys Museum. First is Ponce de Leon followed by the peacock they have wandering around the grounds. The last picture is of an indian memorial, sorry it is not too clear.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Tour through St. Augustine

This was in a church where they had candles burning around a picture. "Mom, I need to get out of here this place is weird". Sorry we have not let him out much.
This was a cross erected in honor of where the first mass was held.
As our tour guide called this canopy, the "ohhhh and ahhhhh" lane.
This was one of the two churches that were downtown.
Statue in the courtyard of the church.
The boys at the city gates.
Yes, I know it is disgusting, but we do have to have some cute pictures together.
Flaggler hotel later to become the Flaggler college.

The "Old Senator" approximately 600 years old.

Sheer boredom pictures

At the end of the day when we had toured St Augustine and were ready to go crash, I asked the boys for one last "cute" picture.
Then they made me do it too!
Another "please Michael stand by the............." picture.
This I will be in so much trouble for!! We took this picture after we had sat in stop and go traffic in Georgia for 5 hours. III was so bored, he was trying to amuse us. This is the traffic we sat in for five hours driving a 26' RV!!!!!!!!

This was outside our restaurant in St. Augustine. III said "smile Mom, four times". Guess it was pay back fo the previous picture.

St. Augustine - Castillo de San Marco Fort

This oven was used to heat the cannon balls before they shot them at the enemy ships. Not sure how big the oven mits were?
One of the cannons by the city wall.
Michael standing at the cocina wall, these did not burn or rot.
II & III at the bridge leading into the fort.
II & III insode the fort at another cannon.
This was outside of the fort notice the walls behind them.

III & I at the begining of the tour.
III & I hanging on the chains holding the bridge.
Some of the re-enactment soldiers.
This guy was actually a surgeon, short but a surgeon.
View looking down inside of the fort.