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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Some days are slower than others

Our Battalion Chief "the chief stirrer" loves pulling practical jokes on others. Today he brought Lt. Thomas a shirt the he thought he might like. Of course what he did not tell him was that Gina and I embroidered on the back of it. Here Chief Lang is showing Lt. Thomas the shirt, without him seeing the back.
But Chief Lang turned the shirt over and......
it got thrown back at him :)
We told Lt. Thomas that he had better smile because there was three hours of work in that shirt, so he relented, reluctantly.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Gina!

Today was Gina's birthday! She really is standing on her tippee toes beside me in this picture, thus not too many side by side pictures for the three and one-half years we have been together :) Decorations for the spoiled only child! (Picture has been removed by hateful partner...see what happens when she helps build the blog)...will get new pic up soon.

Visitors to the station! This is Jae Shin, his wife and baby Jackson.
We have been working on a quilt since the baby was born.
They absolutely loved it!!!! We were thrilled.

Love the look of surprise when I can catch it!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Car!

Kerri's new ride........................Nice!
Pop down speakers.........

ipod holder..............

OH and lookie in the glove compartment what we have......................

You can never have enough cold water on board.


Saturday, October 4, 2008

North port meet

Michael stretching before the race.
And they are off.......

This is probably one mile into the race at this point....
They will then round the corner into the woods out of eye shot.....
Only to walk :)

Somewhere along the way they started running before the finish line .....

Pretty good time for a 3.1 mile race! 29.06 minutes!

Venice Cross Country

This is the cross country meet at Venice High School. Michael was running by another teamate in this picture.
Michael hates the short shorts they make him wear so he wears "sliders" under them. His philosophy is when your underwear make you feel more modest than your shorts that is not a good thing. Here is the look of pain as he approached the finish line. Time was near 30 minutes for
3.1 miles!!