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Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!!!

Yes, I am finally fourty! No it really did not hurt too much to say it :) Especially when I have friends like my life partner, Gina, it makes it alot better!!! Look what she did for me!! Not only did I get the white buttercream cupcakes with buttercream frosting, both homemade to perfection! But I also have a coffee chocolate cake with fondant icing and decorations, also homemade and perfected!! It looks great, I am afraid to cut the cake :) Thank you so much Gina you are the best friend an only child could ever have :)

Look at the pretty cupcakes with the fondant decorations that match the decorations!!
Here is the princess cake for the only child, yes I am spoiled. She only spent 5-8 hours on it for me so that it was just perfect for me :)

Look there is green ribbon with pink polka dots on the cake plate holder then a doile and a foil covered cake plate plus the beautiful wonderful gorgeous color cordinated did I mention chocolate cake :)
The napkins even match :)
Yum cupcake buffet!!!!!!!!!!
Yes the table even has the narcotics drug book so we did not get side tracked and forget to sign, yes we do remember we are at work today!!!
She even bought me just what I asked for and she MADE me put the hat on!
Absolutely beautifuuuuuul!!!!!
Birthday coffee cup with the wooosah ribbon :)
Yes, something else I have been asking for that she listened!

This was the first birthday wish I received today at 1205am from my child. He woke me up and I promptly sat up in the bed because I was worried something was wrong. "What is wrong son", nothing Mom I just wanted to be the first one 2 tell you happy birthday. "Son go back to bed!!" Anyhow, when I looked at it this morning I appreciated it alot more :) Thanks son for being the first to make my day special, even if you did beat the roosters.