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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Continuing the Tradition

Every New Years Eve Dad and I would go out to the tomatoe fields and pick. We would then spend the afternoon sorting and washing. On New Years Eve it was always our tradition to stay up and can the tomatoes followed by eggnog at Midnight! I have not carried on the tradition since Dad has been gone, but this year I changed things :) So for you Dad I picked them, cleaned them and am freezing them this year. Thanks to my best friend Rosemary for helping and allowing me to use her kitchen.
Thanks Dad for teaching me to be responsible and VERY economical!
We have always had a garden through out my life. Yes, I was 5 here.
Mom with our jumbo Texas cucumbers in 1979.

My grandparents when I was 7. The food served and consumed at this table was the best way to show love on this side of the family :) As you can see there was alot of love!

Yesterday's progress. I went to Hunsaders farm to pick. I even got dirt on my hands which I washed in the mud puddle in the driveway :)
Pretty tomatoes on the vine.
Two buckets full!
Boiling tomatoes :)
Fruits of the labor. We actually put up 10 of these with italian and chili seasonings!
Thanks again Rosemary for helping me carry on the tradition :)