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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas pics, finally

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Vet Visit

Today we went to see the vet. He thought he was a Sheppard mix and was not sure what else?!? Anyhow, he told the food queen the wrong thing...... Bandit is too skinny! Good thing we have only had him for two days or I might have taken it personally :) He is also worried about heart worms but he has been treated for them and I bought his medicine today to keep him protected! Anyhow, he was not quite sure about riding in the car but enjoyed the new smells flying up his nose at 70 mph. He is soooo big that he had to stretch across to my side of the car and only took the car out of drive once!! He is now happy to be back home and out of the stimulation overload. Look at how smart he is he figured out how to hold the toy in his paws to get the peanut butter out of it :) Smart boy, everyone he came in contact with was impressed with how well behaved he is. Fortunately they did not see he and I in the parking lot when I was like a kite behind him, well maybe not that bad :)

Daddy's picture with Bandit on adoption day!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

New Bandit Slideshow

Sorry about the poor quality of the pics, it is my phone :( Will try to use the camera this weekend! Please look at the new slideshow with some of the previous pics included.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Yesterday, we went to the local Humane Society to see a few dogs we thought we were interested in. Michael, daddy, went to look at the American Bulldog mix. I went for the 3.5 year old boxer mix. Michael, son, went to see who liked him and reverse. I have to say we were all wrong. The dogs we thought we wanted did not work out and after three trips walking Bandit we were convinced he is the "one". However, the first impression was when he ran into the visiting room and ran straight to Michael, daddy. Little one and I just looked at each other like "well maybe this is the one". After 1.5 hours of looking, meeting, walking and re-walking we decided on Bandit which is a 15 month old German Shepard mix. He will come home to live with us on Tursday. Please feel free to watch the slideshow of him, sorry the pics are small, I took them with my phone.

The Bussell Home

On December 10, 2010 we purchased a 1958 3/2.5 home on a golf course in Sarasota. We have been vey busy trying to make it "our home". Everything is slowly coming together and we do love it and have taken great pride in enjoying our own home. Please feel free to watch the slideshow I created of the pictures of our home.