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Saturday, March 19, 2011

North Port meet

Michael ready to mark his starting point to run from for the long jump. This was Cece's jump that was blocked by this gentleman.
Jump #!
He is just starting his run for #2
Yes he is really in the picture :)
There he is!
Jump #3
Finally nobody in the way :) Way to go Cece!!!
High Jump #1
Way to go Jeffery!!!! You made it! Told you that you could!!
Jump #3

Friday, March 18, 2011

Michael's track meet

Relay race

Get ready Jeff here comes MIchael with the baton!

He did a 25.48 sec 200 meter dash here.

Hustle Bussell was the shouts around me :)

Michael doing the high jump. I told him he got his father's behind that is why it kept hitting the bar and knocking it down :) Five foot two inch level

Five foot one inch level

Five foot level

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I don't want to play

I don't want to play Daddy!
Dad don't try to butter me up!

Oh what the heck, thanks Dad for playing with me. I Love You too!

Dad you have something in your eye!

Dad take the silly shirt off me or else!
OK, I am bored what should we do???
I know let me clean Daddy's eyes! That sounds like fun!
Come here it won't hurt... I promise!

Almost done :)

Daddy has been busy

Daddy has been busy painting the living room today..... Which looks great!! But Bandit is not too keen on the furniture being moved :)