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Monday, September 17, 2012

Just for Aunt Lauria

Oh thank God he finally shaved! After some cropping of his bare chest here is the less pornographic version for Aunt Gina :)
Oh thank God he finally shaved!!!!!

The cutest post of them all!

Bandit is learning to ride in my car and not whine, well not loudly!  Adrian convinced me about a month ago he needs daily car rides so when I get home from work I am not allowed in the house, nope he meets me at the door and darts to the back of the car for his nose filled, ear flattening, fresh air fulfilling, ten minutes of bliss.  He has many past times one including playing tug of war with Daddy, and listening to him while he is practicing Dueling Banjos!  His other desire in life is to see just how comfortable he can get on the couch with Mom while making her the most uncomfortable.  He will push his back feet and kick with the front feet to scoot me just far enough off the couch to where I am barely laying on the cushions, then he falls asleep and kicks some more because he has to run even while he is asleep!  The last pictures must have been when I finally kicked him off and he went to his dog bed, 4'x3' and slept with his toys, it was so cute, I didn't breathe while I was taking the picture because if he would have woken up then he would have jumped off so that no documentation of this moment in his life was recorded.

Dependable drive

When you buy a house and have a steady flow of bills to pay one must age in their minds and thinking to a more responsible state.  Yep, that is us now, much to our childs dismay and quite frankly alarm about our decision with the repalcement of his beloved "first girlfriend" 4x4 Cummins, black smoke pouring, lifted, turbo, image improving Dodge!  We have spent the past week looking for "our" truck and drove to Clearwater on Friday with a couple of choices left in our mind to decide between.  The chevy in the first picture was the original vehicle we looked at then there was the yellow vw with the daisy rims that we had to tease the child about.  We told him it could totaly change his gruff image and make him look softer and more well you know nice.  Sooooo anyhow we progressed to the Lincoln dealership to look at the Nissan in the last pictures and decided on it our new 2011 Nissan Fronteir hopefully dependable, warranty ladden, new tired, full tank of unleaded gasoline (not diesel), two seater truck with room for two very small children in the back :)  Not sure what part of the family they would come from but pretty sure only two from our house will be riding at a time in our new dependable drive.  Oh yes there were a couple of cougars checking the child out the other night when we were coming home, meow!

This was the least happy moment of the day when I had to drive back across the skyway in the wind behind a Prius who wanted to enjoy the view!, passed them in the slow lane :)

My bare front yard!

This is all that is left of my front yard, we had to have one of our oaks, the laurel, removed because it was rotting at the base and leaning toward the house.  I am much better with it this week as I have un-earthed my plants and planted more ferns to draw the eye back down from the funny looking v-shaped oak that is left behind.  3 came up with a good idea as you can see from the pictures to put a tow strap around the trunk pieces, 1.5"x4", connect the other end to the hutch of a 4x4 and have the 4x4 pull it up the ramps onto the trailer.  Only injury was a near miss on a de-gloving when Daddy forgot where his left thumb was.  His nail is still attached :)  However, not sure if it was the 8 tons of wood hauled by the dodge "mistress" or it just finally was sick of our family but after the project was complete she died.  Her injector breathed her last breath, she has had to be repalced by a more dependable, economical older male :)  But that is another post.  In the mean time here is Bandit looking cute on the trunk or what is left of the tree.