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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yes, even more Bandit pics!!

Yea!! Daddy is finally home I missed you soooo much!!!!Put your face down here and I will kiss it with my loooong tongue!

No wait there's breakfast! Let me go!Yummy!

Ok Dad, you really don't think I look like a lieutenant do you?
Yea, play time with Daddy!
Look there is the camera! Wait, make sure I look good before you take the picture!

Hurry up and wake up before someone catces me on the bed with you! Come on don't you feel me kissing you?

Thank you for finally getting up, I missed you!

Updated Bandit pictures!

Where is everybody? There's nobody to bond with!!
Finally a willing owner but I am not letting go! If you want to move you will have to leave your arm!!
OHHHH here's Daddy so glad to see you, wait don't blow in my face!

Yuk, go brush your teeth before I vomit!

More Christmas pics

Of course not so serious picture!
Serious picture

Happy Family

Michael not letting Mommy move, as usual

Michael and grouch Forest

Michael and Omaw

Michael and serious Adrian
Michael and short Meemee