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Sunday, August 28, 2011

30 minute play time

This was play time last night with Bandit on the bed for approximately 30 minutes! Yes, we are easily amused. First, which is actually the last one taken for the night is all that remains of the dog, his tail, as he ran out of the room. Tired of playing!
Where is Daddy, I know he is down there somewhere?

Dad you are so much fun!

Oh yea, play hide and seek under the sheets!

Yes, that is so much fun, I will try try not to bite too hard!

Hi dad, are you ready to play some more?

Ok, we can play you try to grab my nose and I will try not to bite your hand off :)

Yep, keep it up your hand is still there!

Ok, now I got your hand, haha!

Now this is the game I do not like! Dad blows up my nose and I lick him to get him to stop.

So what now Dad?

Ok, how about lets see who is quicker? Ha I am got your arm!

Ok, we can play hide and seek.

Oh, hugs are good Daddy!

I see you Daddy!

Ok Daddy I will kiss you hold still!

DAD stop biting my tongue!!!!!

I am not sure I can look at you the same way ever again!

Dad don't do it again!

Ok, ok I still love you!

But don't ever bite me again or I won't keep loving you!

Ok, playtime again :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Maybe not the best choice!

Ok here are the pics from today, yep pretty swollen! Feels better than it did last night!

Yea this is the view last night. So the story goes I was dancing with the girls at a breast cancer benefit when I was dancing "too low" and my patella popped out laterally straight out not rolling around but straight out.

After Fentanyl, Dilaudid and Zofran my knee cap slipped back into place. However, the ortho doc says 10-12 weeks for complete healing, but also could be less depending on how I heal :)

Here you go normal knee :)

View from top!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Should I be worried?

This is the tranquil view from our station, gator included way over to the right down by the cattails.

Sarasota County is expanding Cattlemen Road from Fruitville to University Parkway. To accomplish this there are trees that need to be removed. Apparently it is easier to move them if they are in small peices. Thus the monster that just showed up on the back of a semi. Now this is the view from the front of our station.

Yep, a chipper!

Oh wow not liking the looks of this!

Atleast we know the fish will be safe :)

Two cute pics

Look how cute they are. It looks like Bandit is really taking in everything Michael is telling him :)
Ok, yes I have been bad! But I did go see my Nana last night. She ate 2/3 of a chocolate frosty after she had already eaten dinner!