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Sunday, April 8, 2012


Today is Easter! It is also Omaw's birthday. We had a beautiful day to celebrate at church and at home. I was able to bribe the teenagers to hunt Easter eggs :) This was the pics of them before they went outside with their bags, one used as a helmet! Only problem I did not pay attention while I was taking pics outside and they were all overexposed :( However, the rule was that Michael could not bend over to pick up any eggs and Chan had free reign. Of course Daddy did not leave any on her level to reach. There were 3 eggs with paper clues inside to presents I had hid :) heehee it is good to be the adult. Anyhow you can see there was one hidden in the couch with allllllllll of the pillows then there was one hidden in the tub which 3 found and hid Chan's present under his! Just look at her expression when she figured out he had taken it :) Then there were the gift cards hidden in the cymbals on the drum set which Chan found first but Michael got ahold of her before she could leave with them. Those are the pics in front of the closet mirror doors! Hope you all had a blessed Easter! The pics of 3 and Chan are for a week ago I chose to sneek in now :)