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Friday, February 17, 2012

Urachal Cyst and Hernia

Before & After

Michael noticed some pain above his belly button when he jumped off the back of the truck. Doc thought it was a hernia and tried to reduce it. Three days later he caled me from school and said his belly button was bleeding. Back to the doctor then to the surgeon who said it looks like a Cyst because hernias do not bleed. Three days later another trip to another surgeon who said yep "cyst" and yes surgery is necessary. Two weeks later outpatient surgery lasting less than 45 minutes. Cyst is benign and hernia is healing well. 3 weeks light lifting, this is the painful part for the child!

Side view of belly button after surgery with steri strips on

Feet hanging off the bed because he is way to big for the bed!

Medication to fix the unhappy face after surgery, poor baby!

Great IV access

Picture of him in the recliner in recovery

This picture is for his brother Brian :) They were picking on each other via texts before Michael went back for surgery!


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