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Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Bussell Thanksgiving

Yea usn's posing in front of the tree
Chanler and Michael - they look so loving what you cant see is the bite marks he has from sittin on her and holding her down making the horse eat corn on her knee!!!

Michael and Meemee

You know us :)

Look at all of the hair Bandit has

Bryan side - Adrian, Omaw, bandit and Michael

Omaw and Barbara

Lauria loving on Bandit

Nice family pic - Bandit, Meemee, Lauria, Michael, Me and Michael

Omaw and her friend Barbara

The Bryan side - Adrian, Omaw and me oh yes and Bandit

Mommy and Bandit

Peanut Butter and Cherry Pie

The Westberry side of the family


Mom and I

Meemee and I

Michael and Aunt Lauria

Lauria and Michael

My pretty tree

Adrian, Bandit and Me

Bandit and Mommy

Michael, Chanler and Will

Yummy pretzels


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