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Monday, October 17, 2011

Wedding pics in South Carolina

Ok so there were not banjos playing but you would have thought there were:) Michael and Billy love joking around and found the perfect photo op when they saw the feathers. Not sure if Billy is carrying Michael's child here :)

Billy was jealous so he had to get a hug too!

Michael and Shannon, his cuz :)

Well you did not think they were all going to be serious?

Michael what did you do?

The bride and groom!

Aunt Mary and her grandson Lee

Michael and Lee

The three jokers and Omaw

Pretty outside wedding!!

Beautiful cake!

Aunt Mary with son-in-law Wade

Michael and Tina

Sissy and Omaw

Melanie and her granddaughter

2, 3, Wade and Derek

Aunt Mary, shorty and the twin towers :)

I always have to share my hair with her :)

The girls

The fam

2 & 3 in the leaning position

This is trouble if I have ever seen it!

Michael and Shannon's son, Ian

Spaghetti pie at Melanie's house Friday night

Melanie and Aunt Mary cooking


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