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Friday, December 28, 2007

Yep, another Firestation! Chinatown, MD

This is at the Fire Station in Chinatown which is also where we ate last night. We are getting proficient in riding the metro - subway, so we went back and ate mongolian food. Daddy wished he had taken his Prevacid with him too.

Yes, they number the doors! They also open from the center out to the side.
This is not the rescue door like we think of it, that is over to the side "apart" from the fire trucks. Their rescue personel only work from seven to seven, then go home. Sounds king of familiar :)
This is one of the special operatons high angle rescue trucks.
Oh yes, we had to have the "my department, your department has discussion".
They have four to five guys on one truck per shift as opposed to our two to three. Oh well, Michael II & III had fun and after four patches, three trucks, two shirts and one hat with the partridge in the pear tree, we left. Only to watch the homeless guy peeing in the street. You have go to love big cities!


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