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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Fire departments, YES, I said sssssss

Yes, this is the beginning of Michael's (Daddy) history with the fire department. I guess I should have been happy with this choice after he said he wanted to be a COP! To which my answer was, oh please, God, NO!! Anyhow this evolved into my husband's second home. He got me pregnant and left me for this :) No really he had required time which consumed all of "my" time!!!!!! However, he never would have come home if they would have run out of this station which is what they have twelve years later!
Which led to this trip to the Suffolk Fire Department to trade patches. Which was a joke because they proved to be twice as large as ours :) Got to out doooo the Jones's patches.
Thus we go on our patch trading trip! Wow their's are twice as large as ours. Portsmouth Fire Department, this is actually their reserve truck!
This is their fire station, kind of looks like our ST 12!
Chesapeake Fire Department! Wow what a tiller! Kind of a large fire truck and patches twice as large as ours, too!!
Look, nice pull out bins in the compartments! Looks like a walk in closet to a woman!
Here is the Chesapeake Fire truck. Kind of like ours :)


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