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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

More friends in Portsmouth, Va

Allen and Michael at dinner together. The boys do not remember each other but now realize they are very close to each other. They we were born less than one day apart. Allen's parents and we were in the same Lamaze class together.
This is Carol the mother of Allen. We were always on the phone together making sure we knew what we were doing, correctly?, as we were raising our children together :)
Here is where Michael and Allen were both born. This is also the reason for this trip. Michael wanted to see where he was born.
This is Michael, Michael and Daryl. Daryl was Michael's first babysitter, yes, I was still in the same house.
This is Michael, Daryl, MUM Yates and Brother Yates. What is so important about this family is ....... while I was pregnant with Michael I was in the hospital twice. Michael (Daddy) was working and in paramedic school and clinicals during this time. Therefore, I needed someone to be with me. No Mommy nearby!! So..... MUM Yates came and sat with me and read the Bible to me followed by her singing to me. Not just falala, but opretic quality singing of hymns! I was soon lulled to sleep with her help. This woman is loved greatly by our family!!!
I did stoop down to take this picture, she is only about 5' tall. But we still love her!!!!


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