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Monday, September 17, 2012

The cutest post of them all!

Bandit is learning to ride in my car and not whine, well not loudly!  Adrian convinced me about a month ago he needs daily car rides so when I get home from work I am not allowed in the house, nope he meets me at the door and darts to the back of the car for his nose filled, ear flattening, fresh air fulfilling, ten minutes of bliss.  He has many past times one including playing tug of war with Daddy, and listening to him while he is practicing Dueling Banjos!  His other desire in life is to see just how comfortable he can get on the couch with Mom while making her the most uncomfortable.  He will push his back feet and kick with the front feet to scoot me just far enough off the couch to where I am barely laying on the cushions, then he falls asleep and kicks some more because he has to run even while he is asleep!  The last pictures must have been when I finally kicked him off and he went to his dog bed, 4'x3' and slept with his toys, it was so cute, I didn't breathe while I was taking the picture because if he would have woken up then he would have jumped off so that no documentation of this moment in his life was recorded.


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