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Monday, September 17, 2012

My bare front yard!

This is all that is left of my front yard, we had to have one of our oaks, the laurel, removed because it was rotting at the base and leaning toward the house.  I am much better with it this week as I have un-earthed my plants and planted more ferns to draw the eye back down from the funny looking v-shaped oak that is left behind.  3 came up with a good idea as you can see from the pictures to put a tow strap around the trunk pieces, 1.5"x4", connect the other end to the hutch of a 4x4 and have the 4x4 pull it up the ramps onto the trailer.  Only injury was a near miss on a de-gloving when Daddy forgot where his left thumb was.  His nail is still attached :)  However, not sure if it was the 8 tons of wood hauled by the dodge "mistress" or it just finally was sick of our family but after the project was complete she died.  Her injector breathed her last breath, she has had to be repalced by a more dependable, economical older male :)  But that is another post.  In the mean time here is Bandit looking cute on the trunk or what is left of the tree.


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