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Monday, July 23, 2012

Pops two years ago you left this Earth for Glory!  You left behind a legacy that can never be surpassed because God knows I can never name every classical piece of music as you were so talented to do!   Your family has a huge role model to live up to and daily strives to!  You, I know, would be very proud of the traditions you began with each of us and for that I say thank you :)  Your grandson is never so happy as when blues music is playing!  They all also have teeth sucking down to a science especially if Omaw is around :)  Your girls have blossomed also and continue to follow your teachings of caring for their family!  Your best girl has found that there is life beyond death even though it has not been easy she has matured and you would have been very proud of your very heart beat and love!  We miss you but thank you for our life lessons even if mine does not include the classical part in the key of B!


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