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Friday, April 24, 2009

Grand Canon - First Morning

Here are Mom and baby on the plane from Tampa to Charlotte

The boys did not seem too impressed that we were flying to Charlotte. When we got off the plane in Charlotte I told them that this was only the first leg of the trip. We still had to fly to Phoenix to go to the Grand Canon! They were both alot happier. Too bad we did not know jsut how long it was going to take to get there! yes, we missed our flight, but it waas for a reason because we also has to sit one the tarmac waiting for 2 mechanics to check the landing gear. Then the pilot had to change because of the number of hours he had worked. Anyhow two and one-half hours later we were off the ground.

View from the road leaving the airport in Phoenix at 9 pm EST.

The boys needed a new wardrobe :)

Yes, Cummins!

This is the traing we will be riding on today to the Grand Canon.

View looking up Route 66 from our motel.
Diner props at the restaurant across the street.
This one is for Mom - Betty Boop!
Crown Vic - you tell me what year?


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