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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Yes, Gina, Mom loved her quilt even though it was not completed! She said she very much appreciated all of the work we have put into it including the basting stitches you sat across the table and helped to pull out :) And cried horse tears :)
Mom had no idea what was in the box but from her expression she like it.

Wonder what this could be?

Look a camoflauge reindeer!

Love this one I snuck this picture with the reindeer ears on, heehee!

Michael installing his alarm clock. Actually it is a surround sound system with DVD player that his IPOD can be used with. It all started out with Mom wanting to buy him an alarm clock that the IPOD would be used with!

Wires everywhere!

This would be Dad reading the chinese print on the front of the second package, yes, second. He also bought the same thing and could not wait until Christmas. Apparently we ordered these on the same day I did since theye both came in the same day. Not until he opened them did I realize what had really happened.

Reading the chinese print on the first package.

Dad opening his umbrella kit for his camera.

Dad opening his extra umbrellas for his camera.

Our christmas tree with the train under it.

Daddy always calls III "Monkey butt". Pops could not resist buying this for him when he saw it!

Dad's smokey tabasco sauce.

Michael's gallon of tobasco sauce especially brewed for him!

Michael's drum stick bag with brushes and flame drum sticks from the Hard Rock in Tampa.

Omaw's watch, this is all she asked for, and she got it!

Pops, Omaw, Michael and Ellie!

Omaw and the boys.

Christmas dinner complete with festive plates!

Omaw's live Christmas tree with car fagrance hangers for the smell of a real Christmas tree even though it was real!?!

Proof I really did go to Arcadia and I even saw my Uncle DeVaughn, too!

Yes, we also saw Nana too!


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